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How to stop a leaking stop valve by Martin Smith Smith.

How to stop a leaking stop valve One of the most common leaks in the house is the leaking stop tap that can be fixed within 5 seconds. Yes literally 5 seconds with the correct tools.

Why does the gland leak - In most cases due to age the gland leaks when the stop valve is turned off or on due the loosening of the gland where most people start to panic thinking they are in need of a new stop valve. Some people are afraid to fix this problem just incase they make it worse but as an experienced Plumber all you need to do is just give the gland a nip up saving money. We can never Guarantee that this will fix the problem or that it wont get worse but what we can Guarantee that this is a money saving tip that will save at least 9 out of 10 customers.

How to stop a leaking stop valve - By the stop tap handle on the valve there is a gland that looks like a nut which all you need to do is tighten clockwise which is as simple as that.

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