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Emergency Speedfit Plumbing Stock

Here is a List of essentials Speedfit Plumbing Stock, there are allot of Plumbers that dont like Speedfit fitting due to many reasons but there is no facts brought up with these reason. Martin Smith thing's due to his experience with Speedfit there is no problem and find there is more call backs when the use of these fittings are not used. Speedfit is made by John Guest who is connected in outta space products.

Speedfix Mix

  • 10ml Speedfit staights x2
  • 10ml Speedfit bends x2
  • 10ml Speedfit tees x2
  • 15ml Speedfit staights x8
  • 15ml Speedfit bends x8
  • 15ml Speedfit bends single socket
  • 15ml Speedfit tees x2
  • 15ml Speedfit blanks x6
  • 15ml Speedfit tap conectors x2
  • 15ml Speedfit flexi tap conectors x2
  • 15ml Speedfit flexi pipe x6
  • 22ml Speedfit staights x2
  • 22ml Speedfit bends x2
  • 22ml Speedfit tees x2
  • 22ml Speedfit blanks x2
  • 22ml Speedfit reducer to 15ml x1
  • 28ml Speedfit staights x2
  • 28ml Speedfit bends x2
  • 15ml Speedfit isolation Valves x4
  • 22ml Speedfit isolation Valves x1
  • 10ml Speedfit pipe x 2 meters
  • 15ml Speedfit pipe x 2 meters
  • 22ml Speedfit pipe x 1 meters