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Emergency Gas Leak in London or anywhere else in UK

"I have an Emergency Gas Leak - What do i do? Do I call an emergency plumber or do i call an emergency gas engineer and is there anything I can do in the mean time".

The first thing to do is turn off the Gas Meter. Insure and can't turn off the gas meter which in most cases is located under the stairs, outside, by the front door or boxed away somewhere, please call the national gas Emergency Hotline free on 0800 111 999. The gas company aim to get a gas engineer to you within the hour depending on your location. Just below is a list of information they will tell you over the phone that you must do.

  • Turn off the gas (only if your able to or the meter is not located in the cellar)
  • Open your doors and windows
  • Do not use anything electrical because this can ignite the gas
  • avoid the use of flames for example a lighter, cooker, boiler or fire

Other Gas Leak questions they may ask you what is your address and your location, contact name, How long you have noticed the gas leak for, Is there anyone else effected such as your neighbors and maybe more.

What happens if i don't notify the Gas Board about my Gas leak

In the past it has been known that the Gas Board or anyone else not qualified to deal with the gas leak which unfortunately for some has resulted in a Gas explosion killing innocent people including kids which is the reason why the Gas board see this has a danger and do there best to get an engineer to your Gas leak.

What happens when the Gas Board can't fix the Gas Leak.

The gas board will always make safe Off any Gas leak in or out of the property which includes blanking of the Gas meter if the Gas leak is coming from the household property. However if the leak is coming from the Gas meter which is the property of the Gas board they will fix it. The only time you need to make a payment is when you get a private Gas Engineer which you can arrange by getting your own Gas Engineer or calling us on 0800 9705724 or Direct on 07720247247.

The picture above is an example of an explosion which happened in Wigan on 29th november 2008. The guy across the road heard a massive bang and felt something like an Earth quake, he saw two elderly ladies being pulled out and heard a girl say, I smelt a Gas leak 4 hours ago and now the house has exploded. We hope this Picture helps you to do the right thing just incase you smell a Gas Leak.

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