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Emergency Bathroom Plumbing Stock and mixture of toilet washers

Here is a List of essential Materials use in the Bathroom, we have also included a mixture of toilet washers and plenty of other types of washer as sometime when checking your stock it is very easy to miss out some types of washers.

Plumbing O Rings

  • O rings
  • Complete mix of washers
  • Back plate + donut washer
  • Toilet syphone
  • Toilet hook long and small
  • P trap
  • Bottle trap
  • Bath trap
  • Overflow pipe
  • Torbech valve and collection of other types of valves

Plumbing O Rings

  • White Shower Sylacone
  • Clear Shower Sylacone

There are also plenty more washer that you could find and get a good collection which is also good to have a look around the internet but is always a good idea to make sure you have these to the right of you. The washer from the middle of all these is for the torbech type of valve so i would always keep about 3 of these on stock.