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Burst Pipes, Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes are mostly cause by winter freeze where the water normal reaches -14 degrees or more causing burst pipes. The only way you can stop frozen pipes is either by lagging it with a special lagging which can retain the warmth by up to 35 degrees but this type of lagging is not a standard lagging which we may ask you to ask your local plumbing merchants. This type of lagging can take up to a month to order.

History of the cold weather and frozen pipes - History to the cold whether of late has been changing due to climate change so this can mean only one thing. Be prepared and make sure you have a complete check of your house to ensure you have all adequate lagging and ask for all future advice.

What should we do to prevent future frozen pipes - to prevent future frozen pipes makes sure you turn all water off to any external water such as your outside bib tap for your hose pipe or an out side toilet. Keep you central heating on when out but at a low heat to save cost keep your room thermostat on low, open up your attic door so that your attic does not get to cold as this is one of the most common problem that people don't realize that with lagging your roof space does not stop the attic from freezing over.

Burst pipes in the garage There are allot of people today that seem to forget that they have water pipes in the garage for example there out side tap or washing machine and even there boiler so to stop these from freezing up all you have to do is keep the room at a temperature by buying a small thermostatic fan.

We have more about Frozen Pipes coming soon. July 2011