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Steve May Plumbing Reviews

150. 15th April 2013

I had to have an emergency call out on the 14th April due to a leaking toilet, Steve May from Milton Keynes duly arrived at 9pm after a fairly long trek as we live 45 – 55 minutes away in Great Oakley! Steve did a wonderful job and was in and out in an hour with all systems go again, many thanks Steve for all your efforts on a Sunday evening.

This goes to Steve May an emergency plumber Milton Keynes.

142. 17th March 2013

We had a bit of a problem when our hot water tap piping came adrift and we had rather a lot of very hot water all over the kitchen. Steve May turned up and immediatly was able to see the cause of the problem and set about fixing it in a most polite and skilled manner. Thanks Steve much appreciated.

This goes to Steve May an Emergency Plumber Milton Keynes


126. 1st February 2013

Thanks to Steve May, who arrived quickly in the dead of night to remedy boiler issue. He aas very friendly and informative.

This goes to Steve May an Emergency Plumber.

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