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Peter Fowler Plumbing Reviews

137. 4th March 2013

Last night we used emergency plumber Peter Fowler following a DIY disaster! He was prompt, friendly and did a great job. Thankyou for coming out on a Sunday night to help us.

Peter Fowler, 03/03/2013, Vale of Glamorgan

This goes to Peter Fowler an Emergency Plumber Near Cardiff.

92. 6th November2012

Peter’s just fitted a new boiler for us and has done a thorough and highly professional job. He came when he said he would, and the price quoted before the work started was what I paid. Everything was explained clearly and comprehensively. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use again.

This goes to Peter Fowler an Emergency Plumber Ynyswen of South Wales

79. 15th October 2012

PJF Plumbing provided speedy and efficient resolution to my problem. The job was completed to full satisfaction with minimal fuss. I did feel the charge was expensive but it was Sunday night and it was an emergency, so needs must and it was a process I would use again should the need arise.

This goes to Peter Fowler an Emergency Plumber near Aberdare.

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