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Mohammed Bashford Plumbing Reviews

123. 27th January 2013

127. 5th February 2013

Bash is very professional and efficient. He was able to diagnose the problem quickly and solve the issue. Highly recommend and will use again in future if any other problems arise.

This goes to Mohammed Bashard an Emergency Plumber in Reading.

Bash of MBA Plumbing visited today (29th Jan)to deal with an emergency leak. Prior to arriving he called to say he was on his way.
He found what we believed was the problem, explained and showed me the difficulty and then put it right.
Although he resolved that problem, still had a leakage through the ceiling. Looking at the boiler just before he left, on a hunch, he found an even more serious problem! He did what he could to resolve it but suggested that I contacted British Gas, with whom I had a contract. They are treating it as urgent and are on their way.
Bash could not have been more helpful and it is very much thanks to him that a much more serious problem has been averted.
He had a great manner from the moment he arrived and always went that extra mile to show and explain before he carried out any work.
I had great confidence in his knowledge and would give him a 5 star reference to anyone using him.
Geoff Pilgrim.

This goes to Mohammed Bashard an Emergency Plumber Reading.

Date of call-out: 22nd August 2012
Plumber: Bash

I arrived home from work to discover a plumbing disaster. A bodge job on the immersion heater by the previous owner of my home had resulted in the water pouring from a leaking joint, and flooding the house. The first three websites and phone numbers I called who claimed they were 24hour emergency call out plumbers either didn’t answer their phones or said they were too busy to come out. Thankfully I found Martin Smith’s telephone number and he was incredibly helpful. He made sure a plumber was on his way to me then phoned me back to take all the details. Bash arrived within half an hour and was extremely helpful and considerate. Living in an older house, the plumbing is not straightforward, but he was very professional and competent. He was also very friendly and managed to keep me calm.
I would, and will, recommend him to anyone needing a plumber; he was very careful, thorough, and conscientious – with a good sense of humour.
Thank you Bash for all your hard work and saving my sanity!

Pat – Wokingham

This goes to Mohammed Bashart an Emergency Plumber Reading.

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