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James Coburn Plumbing Reviews

29. 29th June 2012 06.37hrs – phoned Martin Smith, explained problem.
leaking pipe from under bath.Which had filtered through to kitchen ceiling and large puddles of water on floor.
Martin Smith talked me through website form.
07.52hrs – James ( plumber ) arrived. Very pleasant man. Dealt with replacing hose pipe – which was very difficult to remove- without any problem. Competent job. Completed at 08.20hrs. Excellent service.

This goes to James Coburn a Plumbing in Liverpool.

20. 8th June 2012 James Coburn arrived bang on time. The job was a blocked toilet. James was determined to find the blockage and tried 9 meters of rod in the outside drain. A particularly nasty task this one and James couldn't locate the blockage despite his best efforts. (It in fact required the services of a specialist drain company with camera and jet equipment to fix the problem the next day). James rang United Utilities to arrange a visit the next day (he considered the blockage was in a shared drain). When they arrived they said straight away that my property didn’t have a shared drain. James did his level best on the night but the job was more one for a drain specialist contractor, as I say.

This goes to James Coburn an Emergency Plumber Liverpool.

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