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Damon Owen Plumbing Reviews

148. 10th April 2013

Cheers! Cracking service! Really fast and really nice bloke! Thanks very much for all your help!!!

Note from Damon an emergency plumber near Cwmbran: "Customer required an Emergency Plumber in Merthyu Tydfil to fix a blocked toilet, I got there in good time and fixed the problem. My am is to put all customers first and gain myself a good reputation".

This goes to Damon Owen an Emergency Plumber Near Cwmbran

112. 31st December 2012

Damon Owen 29th December 2012

Damon arrived promptly, was efficient, tidy, and had the leak fixed very quickly.
Friendly, informative and gave additional advice on improvements we could make to our central heating system.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

This goes to Damon Owen an Emergency Plumber xxxxx.

99. 23nd November2012

We called Martin Smith a 8pm on a Friday night and we had a plumber (Damon) round within 40 mins which i thought was excellent from the normal waiting times.

As for Damon, he was knowledgeable, friendly and competitive in his pricing.
He gave me a step by step guide to exactly what he was doing.
Credit to the profession.

Genuinely a really nice guy that goes out of his was to satisfy his customers.

Highly recommended.


Sam Napier

This goes to Damon Owen an Emergency Plumber in Cardiff.

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