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Craig Smith Plumbing Reviews

46. 29th August 2012

Hi Martin Smith

Thank you for supplying an emergency plumber last week. The job was completed quickly and efficiently with no real damage done. I will keep your details to pass on to friends and family.


This goes to Craig Smith an Emergency Plumber in Chester.

40. 20th September 2012

Had water pouring through kitchen ceiling. Traced it to a leaking pipe under bath. We needed a plumber as could not sort it out ourselves. I looked on the Internet and called one local plumber who could come out to have a look but could not do any repairs for one week! I then found Martin Smiths number advertising 24hour emergency plumbing services. I called him. He was very polite and helpful, talked us through the booking process online. This was an excellent innovation. I filled in all my details and paid a deposit there and then. Within half an hour the plumber for the area arrived. He was very helpful and knew exactly what the problem was. He dealt with it swiftly and confidently. It was great as we could pay with a debit card as he had a machine. Wish all tradesmen would take note of this. I would definately recommend the service and should I need a plumber again I will be a returning customer. Many thanks.

This goes to Craig Smith an Emergency Plumber in Chester.

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