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Plumbing Reviews 81 - 90

Here are the Plumbing Reviews 81 - 90

90. 30th October 2012

Speedy response and a great job by Thomas Sweeney.

Thanks from John .
This goes to Thomas Sweeney an Emergency Plumber Wirral.

89. 28th October 2012

Lee Campbell Sunday 28/10/2012 5:50pm

Very effiecient, Lee found the problem very quickly. Explained everything as he worked. Tried very hard to recitfy the problem without having to charge extra for more parts. Did an excellent job. Very happy family with no kitchen swimming pool!

Thanks from Ray .
This goes to Lee Cambell an Plumber in Wigan.

88. 27th October 2012

Very prompt and very professional and fixed the issues, fantastic service!.

Thanks from Col .
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber in Wigan.

87. 25th October 2012

Thanks for the prompt response! And for a great service all round, cheers.

Thanks from Hannah .
This goes to Unknown.

86. 24th October 2012

Yes, thank you. The service we received from Mr. Dick Cole was prompt, efficient, courteous and extremely helpful.

Many thanks.

Leslie Stewart.

Thanks from Leslie.
This goes to Unknown.

85. 21st October 2012

Lee Campbell came out to fix our drainage system which was blocked. He very quickly diagnosed the problem and was sure to check other causes to isolate the issue. He fixed it and took the time to make sure everything was working correctly. He was friendly and well-informed, I would highly recommend.

Thanks from Rob .
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber Wigan.

84. 18th October 2012

We had an emergency ths morning when a pipe burst in my upstairs neghbour’s bathroom and water dripped through the light fitting into my house. Stewart came out within the hour and fixed it speedily, tidily and good natured. Thank You.

Thanks from elizabeth .
This goes to Stuart Jack an Emergency Plumber Glasgow.

83. 16th October 2012

Plumber called out to macerator unit toilet upstairs. Lee Campbell arrived very quickly and did the job in a totally professional manner, very good at explaining what he was doing and did the job very quickly, an excellent plumber.

Thanks from walter
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber Wigan.

82. 16th October 2012

Lee arrived on time and worked very dilligently on the problem – he made a very thorough inspection of the toilet cistern and found the problem. He soon had this fixed.

I would highly recommend Lee.

Thanks from Geoff .
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber Wigan.

81. 16th October 2012

Really fantastic and reliable service – this company knows exactly what good customer service entails. I had a leaking shower that turned out to be more of a problem than I thought – SE Plumbing & Heating have sorted the problem and have been extremely professional and reliable in doing so. I highly recommend this company and would definitely use them again.

Thanks from Ruth
This goes to Stephen Edwards an Emergency Plumber Croydon.