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Plumbing Reviews 61 - 70

Here are the Plumbing Reviews 61 - 70

70. 3rd October 2012

We have just had a job completed by Lee. It was an emergency callout for a leak on a Sunday. Lee arrived within 40 mins and alerted us to the problem and dealt with it quickly. Would highly reccommend.

Thanks from Michelle.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber Wigan.

69. 30th September 2012

Hi Martin Smith,

We were very pleased with your service, given the plumber Jason had to come from Maidenhead it was prompt and when he got here, he was friendly and efficient and keen to solve the problem with the minimum disruption. The costs were explained clearly up front, but it would be worth stating there may be additional costs depending on what is found, we only had to pay an extra £5.00.

Thanks very much we would be very happy to use the service again, but hope we don't have to !!

Thanks from Rachel.
This goes to Jason Houghton an Emergency Plumber in Maidenhead.

68. 30th September 2012

Excellent professional services provided. Fully committed worker was most impressive. I highly recommend Martin Smith.

Thanks from Mrs Soleman.
This goes to Anthony Rose an Emergency Plumber in London.

67. 29th September 2012

Excellent, we may have paid £145 for 10 minutes work but it was done with courtesy, politeness and without fuss.

Will certainly recommend.

Thank you.

Thanks from Tony.
This goes to Stephen Edwards a Plumber in Croydon.

66. 28th September 2012

Lee Campbell 25/09/12

Very good and quick job. Lee was called to Crewe Tuesday evening. Our LED pipes needed changing and couldnt stop the water. The stop tap had totally perished.

Happy with the Price.
Very Happy with the service.


Thanks from New Image.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber Wigan.

65. 27th September 2012

Very good job and overall I am pleased with the result. Good and reasonable tariff.

Thank you and would recommend your services to be used again.


Thanks from Mark.
This goes to Plumbing Engineer Unknown.

64. 25th September 2012

I live in the Wakefield area and called Martin Smith for assistance when the sink developed a fundamental leak on a Friday and nobody else was willing to come out. He called one of his local guys who was in contact very fast and even though the plumber that came round was young I would regard him as a brilliant plumber and a credit to these guys. He was fast, efficient, clean and even got new pipes, etc and made them all fit. I was also very happy with the price as you never know with some of these ‘emergency’ plumbers who charge an arm and a leg. The price was reasonable and the work was brilliantly and professionally done. No hesitation at all in recommending these guys.

Thanks from Atiq.
This goes to Lee Brown an Emergency Plumber in Wakefield.

63. 22nd September 2012

Lee Campbell did an excellent job on 19/9/12 for me. What was a difficult job was no problem for Lee.

Thanks from Robert.
This goes to Lee Cambell a Plumber Wigan.

62. 19th September 2012

Would recommend Lee Campbell. excellent service, arrived promptly and managed to sort out the problem quickly, explaining what he had done afterwards.

Thanks from Sarah
This goes to Lee Cambell a Plumber in Wigan

61. 17th September 2012

A great service would highly recommend Stephen. Will from now on only use Stephen on all my properties when anything needs doing.
Thanks again for everything.

Thanks from Daniel.
This goes to Stephen Edwards a Plumber Croydon.