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Plumbing Reviews 131 - 140.

Here are the Plumbing Reviews 131 - 140.

140. 12th March 2013

Lee Campbell fixed a burst pipe outside my house. I couldn’t turn the water off properly so I was in a panic. He arrived very quickly and even lagged the pipe after he had finished. Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.

Thanks from A Norris.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber in Wigan.

139. 11th March 2013

Lee Campbell attended an emergency call to repair our water pipe. Excellent service, Lee arrived within the hour and job was completed within 40 minutes. Lee was friendly and courteous and gave us helpful advice regarding other problems we were having with our radiators. We would recommend Lee and use him again.

Thanks from Shaun.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Plumber Wigan.

138. 7th March 2013


very competant and knowledgable…sorted the problem efficiently and without fuss
polite and friendly

would definitely recommend him.

Thanks from kathy.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Plumber in Wigan.

137. 4th March 2013

Last night we used emergency plumber Peter Fowler following a DIY disaster! He was prompt, friendly and did a great job. Thankyou for coming out on a Sunday night to help us.

Peter Fowler, 03/03/2013, Vale of Glamorgan

Thanks from Kirsty.
This goes to Peter Fowler an Emergency Plumber Near Cardiff.

136. 1st March 2013

I called Martin Smith this morning wanting a same day visit to radiator leak, he ws most obliging and we agreed on a hours slot

Lee Campbell arrived and was extreamley courteous and explained what the cause was and soon had job done, without the normal ‘huffing and puffing and ‘not sure if this can be repaired’ which is my past experience for other firms!

I would recomend Lee to anyone

Thanks from Claire.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber

135. 27th February 2013

What can i say? Superb, the guy that came around was very good! Knew exactly what he was doing and didnt take him long at all!!

I cannot recomend him enough!! Guys if you need any work doing don't hesitate calling them!

Thanks so so much, we would have been stuck without you guys!!

Thanks from Gillian
This goes to Unclaimed Engineer an Emergency Plumbers.

134. 24th February 2013

Lee Campbell arrived within 40 mins and quickly found the problem and fixed it professionally within the hour.

Thanks from Barry
This goes to Lee Cambell an Plumbers Wigan.

133. 24th February 2013

Lee Campbell was great! quick and efficient friendly service.

Thanks from Phil.
This goes to Lee Cambell. Plumber

132. 24th February 2013

I needed an emergency plumber when water came through my kitchen ceiling at 1045pm on a Saturday night.
I suspected it was a burst pipe behind the plasterboard wall and when Baz arrived he quickly confirmed that it was the most likely cause. A connection between pipes had some how came off which Baz showed to me and then showed me the repaired connection afterwards.
Baz was very friendly and helpful and conducted his work diligently, he didn’t mess around and got straight on with the work.

Thanks from Brian.
This goes to Mohammed Bashard an Emergency Plumber in Reading.

131. 16th February 2013

Thank you for your quick help today in sending a plumber to fix our leak.
Bash, was very polite and helpful. He found the leak and repaired it quickly and cleaned up after he had finished.

Thanks from Isabel.
This goes to Mohammed Bashard an Emergency Plumber Reading.