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Plumbing Reviews 101 - 110.

Here are the Plumbing Reviews101 - 110

110. 28th December 2012

In December, we had a blocked toilet so we contacted this plumbing company. They were friendly and informative on the phone, clearly stating the price and waiting time. Within an hour, Lee Campbell arrived to resolve our problem. He quickly unblocked the toilet and was both professional and honest. We were also able to pay by card. We would definitely use this company again.
Many thanks

Thanks from Jenny.
This goes to Lee cambell an Emergency Plumber

109. 26th December 2012

Thomas Sweeney responded to a call out to Christleton Chester on 23/12/12 for Miss E Holmes. He was extremely professional, polite and carried out the job as quickly as possible so as not to worry Miss Holmes. She is elderly and can be agitated. Thank you for his services.

Thanks from Caroline.
This goes to Thomas Sweeney an Emergency Plumber

108. 21st December 2012

Lee Campbell attended our emergency within 30 minutes of our request.
He was able to fix the leak on our drain valve efficiently.
We were very pleased with his work and general attitude and would employ him again if we had a problem.

Thanks from Mr and Mrs Leather.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber xxxxx.

107. 20th December 2012

After husband put a nail through water pipe @ 11:30pm Lee Campell arrived within the hour and was very polite courteous and did and excellent job. Would deffinatley recommend his service again

Thanks from Ruth.
This goes to Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber

106. 18th December 2012

Dear Martin Smith

Thank you very much for your prompt attention and very good service this morning. We will definitely use you again and recommend you.

from Dorothy and Greg

Thanks from Dorothy.
This goes to Stephen Edwards an Emergency Plumber Croyden.

105. 11th December 2012

I also wanted to say that Phil did an excellent job – he arrived very quickly and sorted out the leak promptly plus tested for various potential causes and gave good advice on some piping that needs replacing.


Thanks from James.
This goes to Farrell Mackennon an Emergency Plumber in London.

104. 5th December 2012

08/12/2012. Lee Campbell fixed a leaking radiator valve, very quickly and with minimal mess. I would highly recommend his services.

Thanks from Paul .
This goes to Lee Cambell an Plumber Wigan.

103. 1st December 2012

Following a complete system breakdown during a very cold spell on 6th December 2012 I asked for help. Thomas Sweeney arrived promptly and proved to be a courteous, considerate and professional engineer. His work was of the highest quality and he was meticulous in his approach and in clearing up afterwards. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Thanks from Laurence .
This goes to Thomas Sweaney an Emergency Plumber on the Wirral.

102. 29thnd November 2012

Lee Campbell arrived within an hour of my call, was polite, courteous and friendly, and fixed the leak under my kitchen sink in a few minutes.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone.

Thanks from David .
This goes to Lee Cambell an Plumber in Wigan.

101. 28thnd November2012

Within 10 minutes of me making initial contact with Martin Smith on a Sunday, regarding a leak through our ceiling, Daniel Evans telehoned us, and was at our house within 30 minutes.

Daniel was extremly professional and courteous, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who requires a plumber in his area.

Thanks from Russell.
This goes to Daniel Evans an Emergency Plumber in Kent.