Auto Air Vent Valve

February 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

How does having anĀ auto air vent valveĀ help me from getting airlocks in my central heating?

What is an auto air vent valve?

An auto air vent valve is a Float Operated Valve which is used to removes air in water pipes.

auto air vent valve

Auto air vent valve

How does an auto air vent valve work?

An auto air vent valve releases trapped pockets of air in your pipe work automatically so that airlocks are much less likely to occur. When the valve is open the float is hanging down and air can vent out of the Central Heating System. When Water enters the valve the float rises and closes the vent hole. Air will then accumulate in the pipe work and causes the float to drop down. This opens the valve and allows the air to vent.

auto air vent valve diagram

Auto air vent valve diagram

Installation of the auto air vent valve

The auto air vent valve must be installed upright at the high points in a Hot Water System. While the valve is closing some water maybe discharged. For this reason the auto vent valve should be located close to an open drain. A shut off valve should be installed below the auto air vent valve so that it can be serviced.

Auto air vent valves do not require regular maintenance or lubrication but they should be inspected to make sure that they are working properly.

Troubleshooting for auto air vent valves

What to do if valve leaks from the bottom where it connects to your pipe. Seal the threads with a thread sealant and then tighten the auto air vent valve. If your valve leaks from the cover you should tighten the bolts. If this does not work you should replace the gasket inside. If your valve leaks when it is closed you should flush it in case debris has built up inside it. If this does not work disassemble the valve and check the components. If your float contains water you should replace it. If your valve is not venting any air you should check that the operating Water Pressure of your system is not more than the working pressure of the valve.


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  1. Howard Chapman on April 18, 2013 9:16 am

    Will the AUTO AIR VENT VALVE be suitable for automatically bleeding air from my ‘air bound’ hot water supply to my bethroom sink. The hot pipe already has an air valve on it which doesn’t vent the air sufficiently reliably so I have to manually bleed it about once per week.
    I’m considering replacing it with your AUTO AIR VENT VALVE for a more reliable air venting. Will it work on my standard UK hot water supply copper pipe? Please reply. Thanks and please also let me know where to buy this in the CROYDON /south east area of the country.

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