Flood Protection

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The Automatic Advanced Flood Protection of the Water Honcho

Looking for the Automatic Advanced Flood Protection Electrical Valve. Then you have come to the right place. This valve is called the Water Honcho.

This is the new valve that has only just been released and is known as the Water Honcho and is believed to hit the market fairly quick.

Ever found yourself with a big water bill, but with no explanation. Need to know the answer to the waste of water in your home. Then have a good read about the flood protection valve known as The Water Honcho. We also include a 3 – 4 minute video below.

Flood Protection

Water Honcho

How does the Water Honcho work as a flood protection?

For the flood protection with the Water Honcho goes as follows.  You enter either the bathroom, cloakroom or the posh word would be, the powder room. Once you have entered the room where the Toilet is, the Water Honcho turns on. Once the flood protection valve (The Water Honcho) turns on, the valve opens to let a water flow to the appliance. Once you leave the room, the flood protection valve (The Water Honcho) turns off after 2 minutes. 2 minutes is enough for the recommended time for a toilet to fill back up.

How does the Water Honcho benefit my water to the toilet cistern?

The Flood protection valve when turned off, will benefit you due to, no loss of water. The examples of loss of water are for example:

  • Water passing Float Operating Valve
  • Flushing mechanism not shutting off correctly
  • Cracked toilet cistern, water loss
  • A leak occurs in the pipe leading into the toilet

It has been well known for people going on holiday for the weekend. You may be away from your home for 1 week. Some people have been known to be away from there house for 3 months. People come home to a loss of water resulting in a lot of money wasted.

If you don’t have the Flood Protection Valve installed, it is possible you may never know that your flushing valve is passing water very slow. The Water Honcho can detect any faults early so that the components can be fixed sooner.

As long as the water protection valve has filled up your toilet cistern within the recommended time of 2 minutes you will find when you enter the room the toilet cistern should be full. If the water protection valve operates when entering the room letting the toilet fill up, then your toilet is most likely to have a fault.

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