Emergency Burst Pipe, Can I claim for wear and tear?

Can I claim for wear & tear on an Emergency Burst Pipe? The answer to this is yes and no, below we will give you a more detailed reason to, how, Why and if it’s a good idea to claim from your Insurance Company.

Emergency Burst Pipe

Emergency Burst Pipe

In the Picture is a typical Domestic Burst Pipe. This type of pipe can take years to leak depending on the quality of the material.

Curoding Plumbing Pipe! there are a few reasons that a pipe starts to curode, the most common one is that flux is left on the pipe from the Plumbing Installation and spread through due to the flux being on the Plumbing Engineers dirty Hands.

In the Plumbing Industry from Installation you can get what is known as the perfect copper pipe, but is very few and far between.

The question to this picture is, “The leak coming from the pipe, is it Wear And Tear?”. The answer is, Yes, as you can see the currosion from around the 15ml Copper Pipe which has been going on for many years.

Can I claim for a burst pipe on my Insurance?

Customer looks for an Emergency Plumber in Northwich.

On the Sunday 12th of March 2012 I got a call from of a customer to explain that there was a leak coming through the ceiling, the water leak was causing damage to her property, the first thing i could smell was Damp, this was due to the water leak which may of been going for some time but unfortunately the customer didn’t know due to there was no evidence of a water leak until the leak got worse, this meant the Plumber Martin Smith had to attend the property near Delamere in an Emergency. The customer had a choice wherever to go through the upstairs tiles or from below underneath the ceiling.

The cheapest option would be to go from down stairs so this is the root we took.

Unfortunately this meant with the hole in the ceiling there was further work to be done.

Martin Smith the Plumber cut the copper pipe out and replace this with a plastic Speed Fit Pipe to make the job quicker, safer, more reliable and also to safe the customer money on the emergency.

Job done, but not complete!

So the next question was the expense of the work that needs to be carried out.

As long as your covered by your Insurance Company for stopping a leak and damage caused by the leak, then you should be covered, but not for making good of the pipe work, In this instance of this type of an Emergency, to stop a leak which was done within the 20 minutes, there was then a further 40 minutes spare, as the hourly rate is minimum of one hour.

This means if the Curoding Pipe is done within the remaining time of 40 minutes then there is no extra charge except for the Materials to replace the pipe which is not covered by the Insurance. Due to the amount of cost to the materials as this was so little, due Martin Smith’s experience is that the Insurance has also covered this.

As long as the customer is covered for the damage due to a leak, then due to the wear and tear the customer is also be covered for the damage of the property depending on the Terms And Conditions of the Insurance Company.

Our advice would be, where there is old pipes, to stop any future leaks, get them removed, then there will hopefully be no more future water leaks or Emergency Burst Pipes.

Other than this I must say thank you to Mrs Mrs Claire Roberts from Cuddington for giving me a reason to write this article, and most of all for making me a great cup of tea.

Emergency Plumber in Cuddington near Delamere Forest.


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  1. michael on May 14, 2012 5:21 pm

    thank you for your invaluable information regarding the Burst pipe

  2. Leak Detection on June 26, 2012 1:57 pm

    Of course you can claim for the burst pipe if it is in the period of insurance. You should soon contact the plumber who has installed that pipe in your house, either he will repair that pipe on his own or he will help you in getting the insured amount.

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