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Emergency Plumbing Form (24 hour call out service)

  • Step 1. Call 07720247247 or 08009705724
  • Step 2. Fill out form for us to recieve correct address then submit
  • Step 3. Finalise your booking

Our aim is to get to your property within 30 - 90 minute attendance.

When you give us a call you are more likely to speak to either Lisa or Martin Smith.

We have been noted as being the most reliable company expecially in an Emergency where there is water pouring through the ceiling.

If you need any assistance on how to find your stop valve then Please be free to ask a member of staff or go an have a look at our how to find my stop valve page where this will give you all the help you may need.

If you have a Gas Leak we may ask you to contact Transco on 0800 111 999 to stay safe from any Emergency Dangers.

Our Terms and Conditions

Before you have us out please read our terms and conditions, For all Plumbing Emergencies our aim is to get to you within 30 - 90 minutes however in some circumstances this may take up to 2 hours.

Our garuantee to you will be if we can not get one of our Plumbing Engineers out to you within the stated time then we will do our best to find a Plumbing Engineer in an Emergency as part of our call out service which will be within the 2 hours.

Before you finalise your payment this is what you will see for example below depending on the day and time your Emergency Booking is taking place.

Please pay your call out deposit of £? to secure your booking. Once you have paid your deposit, you will need to pay the Engineer £? per hour which does not include your deposit. Hourly rate is from the time of arrival to time of completion. The Jetting Machine has an additional cost of £20.00 per hour. Payment is required at the end of the emergency, were any further work will be carried out as a seperate job. Any work not paid on completion may get an admin charge of £20.00, which does not include the 90% interest charge per year calculated on a daily basis plus £15.00 per letter sent per month, unless other arangements have been made by the Engineer. Please keep in mind some of our Engineers will not take Cash, Cheque, Bacs, (Card or Paypal). You must have at least 2 or more of these options available.

Total of first hour (?) does not include Materials if reqiured.

This does not include Christmas Period please read complete terms and condition which is done by clauses 1 - 14 before submiting your details.

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