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Emergency Plumber Reference - Ref: MS-24-Hr-987

Thank you for using our services and we will get an emergency plumber to you within the time stated in the form. PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE STEPS BELOW. Valuable Add Tax (VAT) number for Martin Smith: 158 9260 74

  1. Please call us to comfirm receipt number so we can arrange for an engineer to visit your property.
  2. If you have a water leak then shut off the stop valve. (This is if you know where it is - normally located under the sink).
  3. Note down the time of arrival of the engineer as payment starts on arrival to the property.
  4. Pay the engineer the remainder of the agreed rate. (Make sure you note the engineers name and contact number).
  5. When making payment you MUST recieve a receipt from the engineer.
  6. Click here to fill in the job satisfaction report.
  7. If you have paid the incorrect amount then click here to make an amendment.
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