Went to an Emergency Plumbing Job Last night where a customer had water pouring out of the Basin Mixer Tap, so I went in search of the mains water Stop Valve to find what some people may call Spooky Showers, this is what I call very old looking shower. These type of Shower use to be around about [...]

Emergency Burst Pipe, Can I claim for wear and tear? Can I claim for wear & tear on an Emergency Burst Pipe? The answer to this is yes and no, below we will give you a more detailed reason to, how, Why and if it’s a good idea to claim from your Insurance Company. In [...]

At 1am this morning I (Martin Smith) got a phone call for an emergency plumbing issue at the chat moss hotel in Glazebury of Warrington. There was water pouring through the ceiling, due to this the customer had previously turned every valve he could find in order to stop the leak but did not know where the [...]

Just been out to an Plumbing Emergency in Tarporley, the owners to the house were on holiday to find out that the whole house is getting flooded, luckily the house was being looked after by a Mr/Mrs Eaton who attended the house to find out there was a lot of damage and lots of water, [...]

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