Hot water systems

November 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

Hot water systems There are a number of different hot water systems. The two main types are instantaneous water heating systems. Instant heated water as it is required. Hot Water Storage, which stores hot water so that it is ready for use. An example of an instantaneous hot water systems is a Small Water Heating [...]

Lead pipe regulations?

October 25, 2012 | 1 Comment

What are the lead pipe regulations for minor work? What are the lead pipe regulations and is it against the law to fix the Lead Pipe. I had got a phone call from a customer asking for an Emergency Plumber Sheffield saying he had drilled through a lead pipe. First thing I said to the [...]

Future central heating from your Phone. When? What if the future of central heating and plumbing was to be used by your phone, maybe iPhone for example, they could call it the iHeating package, standing for Intelligent Central Heating. We have now got the technology in the Auto Stop Valve, We have now also got [...]

Have you ever sat on the Toilet and thought, who Invented this amazing thing? Most people think it was Thomas Crapper, but it wasn’t. Thomas Crapper was the founder of Thomas Crapper & Co in London the first company to sell the Bath, Basin and Toilet, The Old British Bathroom. So who did first Invent [...]

The biggest battle in Plumbing is making sure you have the correct tools for the job. The second most important thing about the Plumbing work is the knowledge and the experience. Just below I will be giving a list of Emergency Plumbing Tools that every Plumber needs to keep on there van when in need [...]

There are always lots to say when it comes to Plumbing, some say its easy money, some Plumbers struggle to make a living,  some say they can do a Plumbers job, and some Plumbers cannot do a Plumbing job properly. Well just to introduce myself, my name is Martin Smith the owner of this site and I like [...]

Welcome to my Plumbing Monthly where i will give you a quick update of where we are at and going with our site. I have recently started Plumbing Reviews which will help our Plumber Of The Month Project, this will go towards judging who gets the Plumber of the Year. The latest Plumber Of The [...]

Emergency Burst Pipe, Can I claim for wear and tear? Can I claim for wear & tear on an Emergency Burst Pipe? The answer to this is yes and no, below we will give you a more detailed reason to, how, Why and if it’s a good idea to claim from your Insurance Company. In [...]

I (Martin Smith) have just recently been asked,  “How to loosen a Stop Valve?”   So this is the reason I am writing on how to loosen the Stop Valve. In most cases it is much easier to just buy a new Stop Valve and replace it, but as a money saving tip,  if you have time [...]

Hi, and welcome to my latest blog of the day airlock in my water pipes, In the picture to the right of you is a typical Central heating system, If your having trouble with you hot water tap then please go to how to get an airlock out of my tap, but if the airlock is [...]

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