The Easy Gas Safe Certificate App

Gas Safe Certificate App
Require a Gas Safe Certificate App then never before has it been so easy but also the first of it’s kind. The Easy Safety Cert allows registered gas engineers to complete, send and store Gas Safety inspections using a mobile app and online database.  The easy to use Gas Safety certification software is designed to save engineers time and money.

One of the key features of the mobile Gas Safe Certificate App is usability and function.  For example, the app automatically generates warning notices and cross bonding records when required, complete with all job, appliance and client details automatically added.

The app automatically adds company and engineer details to each Gas Safety certificate and immediately sends the certificate to clients via email.   The app also generates a page that details any issues that have been raised throughout the inspection, which can be shown to the client whilst on site.

The online database then stores all completed Gas Safety certificates, automatically sets 12-month repeat inspection reminders, stores all client and job details and also provides a job management system for sending inspection jobs to your team.

For more information on the features and benefits of the Easy Safety Cert Gas Certificate software please visit

How much will it cost me to subscript to the online Easy Safe Certificate App

To download the App you will need to subscribe which will cost you a yearly subscription of £20 and £40 per 100 Inspections which works out to just £0.40 per Inspection.

What are the good point and the bad points of the Easy Safe Certificate App

The good points of the Gas Safe Certificate App is that it has never been quicker before to do a gas safe certificate and keeps minimum amount of paper work. The bad point of the App is the apart from all the good point out-weighing the bad point is that you will need a connection to the internet.

Where can I find a Gas Safe Certicate Engineer with this type of App

To find an engineer with this type of App will be small at this present time as it is so new but within time this will gain momentum and become a very popular App about.

If you require an emergency gas plumber then feel free to call Martin Smith on 07510814311. We have staff on 24 hours 7 days a week ready to take your call and allocate a local gas safe engineer to your as soon as possible which is normally within 30 to 90-minutes.

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