Is British Gas a good idea for monthly direct debit payments, by John an emergency plumber in London

Is British Gas A Good Idea For Monthly Direct Debit PaymentsAn Emergency Plumber London explains his thoughts on the question in mind, “Is British Gas a good idea for monthly direct debit payments”.  John explains that it is well known through out London that he has experienced plenty of questions ask by customers. These questions are about the cost of British Gas and whether it is a good idea for monthly payments. A customer brought up a question the other day about a plumbing situation where there was a Gas leak but British Gas refused to attend the job explaining that it was not under the Guarantee. So the first thoughts of the customer was “Why am I paying British Gas a monthly fee, but also having to pay a private Gas Engineer to fix the leak from my Gas fire“.

John believes the debate about British gas has been a debate for some time, so here are some good point and some bad point about paying monthly fee’s to British Gas.

Good point for paying monthly fees to British Gas

  • There are no nasty surprises when the boiler stops working saving short terms costs (but make sure you fully know what your signing up to).
  • The engineer that attends will be Gas Safe Registered.
  • The worst offending Boiler is good to keep under guarantee especially if the parts are expensive.
  • Trustworthy company.

The bad points to being registered for monthly payments with British Gas

  • British Gas may be very expensive.
  • What people expect may not be included in the contract.
  • Getting the quickest engineer may cost you as this may not be included in the contract.
  • May end up on Watch Dog just like in April 2012, Why is British Gas expensive.

John explains, as an emergency plumber London, here is some advice

  • Open up a savings account just for your central heating maintenance at the same price you would pay British Gas.
  • Make sure there is contact for a reliable company such as Martin Smith who runs the Emergency Plumber Company.
  • Make sure the Boiler has a yearly service and check for problems that may occur in the near future.

When following simple rules as they are in this article, then money will be saved. British Gas is not all that bad to what some people make out to be due the larger the company, the more likely there will be bad press.

If money is not much of an obstacle and just looking for a good firm to use, then sometimes, as long as the company is reliable, then a private business is always good to use, making sure if your in London, then there is never a shortage of an emergency plumbing company.

If money is an obstacle, then it is always good to try and save, hope for the best and follow what the money expert have to say.

If you are looking for an emergency plumber London and have a fault on your boiler then give Martin Smith a call who will get a plumbing engineer out within 30 to 90-minutes.


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