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central heating programmer

central heating programmer

What is a Central Heating Programmer?

A Central heating programmer is a time switch device which allows you to manually turn the hot water on and off. It also allows you to set times for the boiler to come on and go off automatically. By having a central heating program you can decide whether you want your heating on constant or whether you would like to set it to come on for you at specific intervals.

What type of Central Heating Programmer is best for my Boiler?

Most central heating programmers are made to suit a specific type of boiler. There is not one programmer that is better than the others. There are however some central heating system programmers which are universal and will work with most boiler models. It is best to know what type of boiler you have before you choose your central heating system programmers but if in doubt ask your plumber for advice.

Can I replace my old Central Heating Programmer for a universal Central Heating Programmer?

Yes, new models of central heating programmers can be used to replace your old one if it stops working. Some can be fitted onto the same back plate as your original but others will require you to change the back plate before you install the new programmer. In order to maintain your electrical contacts it is recommended that you always replace your back plates even if the new model does not require you to.

Is a Central Heating Programmer a Plumbers job, a Gas Engineers Job or for a Electrician?

A central heating programmer should be fitted by an electrician as they require electrical wiring. A plumber will however be able to help you program your central heating system programmers so that your water will turn on and off when you want it to.

central heating programmer wiring

central heating programmer wiring



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