Hot water systems

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Hot water systems

There are a number of different hot water systems. The two main types are instantaneous water heating systems. Instant heated water as it is required. Hot Water Storage, which stores hot water so that it is ready for use. An example of an instantaneous hot water systems is a Small Water Heating System such as an over sink water heater. In hot water, storage Water is heated either directly in the storage cylinder, for example. By an electric immersion heater or from a remote boiler. The two main types of system are the open vented and the un-vented.

Open vented or un-pressurized units are available for your heating but the majority of mains fed hot water systems are un-vented or Sealed Heating System. Unvented systems are closed to the atmosphere, therefore they have no need for expansion tanks in the roof space. The main advantage of this type of system is, its high performance due to the high flow rates of hot water which is provided to all outlets. Un-vented units also allow greater flexibility with location. As the mains Water Pressure in a Un-vented. The hot water systems will push hot water up through multi story dwellings. This makes it easier to reach hot water outlets rather than relying on Gravity Fed System.

Hot Water Systems

Gravity Fed Hot Water Systems

Unvented Mains Fed Hot Water System

Unvented Mains Fed Hot Water System


Hot water systems can be gravity fed or mains fed. Mains fed systems rely on the water pressure within the mains supply to push the water out of the cylinder. Mains water pressure then goes through the pipe circuits to the tap or shower outlet. Gravity fed systems such as cold water storage header tanks, need to be located above any hot water outlets to push the water out. Gravity fed systems have very few problems, but do have low water pressure.


Other types of water heating include Combination Hot Water Heating Systems. A combination water system will use one system for both the central heating and hot water. Another type of the hot water systems is the Storage Central Heating System which is a way of saving money on your energy bills by storing heat when electricity is cheap. Immersion heaters work in the same way. Immersion is generally used as a back up to a boiler system. Boiler systems can be either direct or indirect boiler systems. Last of the hot water systems is the Sealed Water Heating System. This is found in large house and can be more of a benefit when there is 2 bathrooms or more.


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