Sealed Water Heating Systems

In a sealed water heating system the water used for heating usually circulates independently of the building’s normal Water Supply. It uses a flexible filling line to link to the mains water supply. In order to prevent any Contaminated Water flowing back into the mains non return or check valves should be integrated into the system. For water to expand and contract as it changes temperature a pressure vessel is used. In case of excessive Water Pressure, due to overheating, a safety relief valves must be built into the system. When the pressure becomes too high, a safety valve will allows water to escape from the system. The valve can also open if the pressure drops too low in order to replenish water from the normal water supply.sealed water heating system

Why use a sealed water heating system

One advantage of using a sealed water heating system is that there is usually no need for an expansion tank in the loft. This makes it the best system for apartments and bungalows.

Another positive aspect of sealed water heating systems is that they are less likely to corrode because the system is pressurised and there is less chance of air building up in the system. Also because the system is pressurized it is hotter which means that smaller radiators can be used.

You will most likely find a sealed water heating system in a large new build where there is 2 or more bathroom. A sealed water system is most of the time found to be large and more expensive. These are more complicated to fit than any other type of Central Heating System.

If one of these were to leak for any reason then having a replacement can work out expensive. In the picture we have a slightly less complicated system where the pipe enter the top. But please bear in mind that most sealed water heating system have lots of pipe surrounding them for easier plumbing diagnostics.

sealed water heating system

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