All about the Cylinder Thermostat Control What is a Cylinder Thermostat Control Device? A Cylinder Thermostat Control is a device attached to the hot water tank. The Thermostatic Valve which allows you to regulate the temperature of your water. It will automatically switch your 2 or 3 way valve in a different direction when the [...]

Water Harvesting System

November 16, 2012 | 1 Comment

What is water harvesting? Water Harvesting is a separate water storage tank that can be used for non drinking purposes. This comes in different sizes and you can either store them in the Garage or you can have them fitted in the ground giving you plenty of space. Here are 5 of the great questions [...]

Circulating Pumps – Why should you have one? What is a circulating pump? A circulating pump circulates fluid in a closed loop. Circulating pumps use only enough power to overcome the inertia of the water and the resistance of the pipes. Many circulating pumps are small enough to fit inside their pipes. The type of [...]

Water Commissioning Hot & Cold Water Supply Inadequate water commissioning can affect the quality of the Water Supply. Regulations state that the water pressure should be tested throughout the installation of any water system. The water commissioning should be done disinfected using a sodium hypochlorite solution. Every new pipe, cistern, appliance or cylinder that is [...]

Water - 10 Amazing Facts about Water There are many interesting facts about water that many people do not know. Here are just ten amazing facts that you may not have heard about before. How much water is there on earth and is it all drinkable? Around 70% of the world’s surface is covered. There is [...]

How to test water flow One way to test water flow is the bucket flow test. It is a simple but effective way to discover the available water supply flow rate for your property. In order to carry out the water flow test, all you need is a standard 9 litre bucket. You will also [...]

Hot water systems

November 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

Hot water systems There are a number of different hot water systems. The two main types are instantaneous water heating systems. Instant heated water as it is required. Hot Water Storage, which stores hot water so that it is ready for use. An example of an instantaneous hot water systems is a Small Water Heating [...]

Storage central heating system Storage central heating system works by storing heat during times when base load electricity is available at a cheaper cost. The storage heater then releases this heat throughout the day. Heat storage banks can be composed of clay bricks, other ceramic materials, concrete walls or water containers. Storage central heating system [...]

Sealed Water Heating Systems In a sealed water heating system the water used for heating usually circulates independently of the building’s normal Water Supply. It uses a flexible filling line to link to the mains water supply. In order to prevent any Contaminated Water flowing back into the mains non return or check valves should [...]

Combination water heating systems Combination water heating systems are a system which uses a single water heater to perform two functions. The first function is to provide hot water and the second is to heat a property. Combination water heating systems are valuable for multi-family properties and small homes. Combination water heating systems are directly [...]

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