Un-vented and Vented Water Cylinders

You will need a Water Cylinder as part of your heating system. There are different types of Un-vented and vented Water Cylinders. Each type of system will have different features. You may wish to consider these before you decide which one you would like to have installed.

Un-vented water cylinders will source the water directly from the Mains Cold Water Supply. They work like a hot water Storage Cylinder. Un-vented water cylinders will deliver hot water to all the outlets in your home at the mains pressure.

Using an Un-vented cylinder means that you will not require a Cold Water Storage Tank. Most of the new builds use Un-vented water systems. They will save you space in your home. You can also place them anywhere in your house.

Un-vented cylinders have built in safety features which include pressure relief valves and temperature controls.

Water in Un-vented systems is well insulated so that it loses only minimal heat and is quick to reheat. Un-vented systems can be incompatible with some mixer taps and power showers. Unlike a Vented System, the Un-vented systems are more expensive to fit, but will save you money on your Central Heating bills.

unvented water cylinder

Vented water cylinders get their water through a vent pipe from the cold water storage tank. Vented systems are the most popular especially in older properties. This is because they are easy to install and are generally very reliable. Vented hot water outlet pipes will stop pressure from building up. They do this by allowing any trapped air to escape.

Vented units that combine a cold water cistern and a Hot Water Storage tank are now being used. They take up less space than traditional Vented Cylinders with separate cold water storage. The water pressure in a Vented system relies on gravity. In many cases Vented Systems require the water pumps to increase the pressure. These will use more electricity and can increase your energy bills.

Vented water cylinders
Vented water cylinders


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