Flood Protection

October 31, 2012 | Leave a Comment

The Automatic Advanced Flood Protection of the Water Honcho Looking for the Automatic Advanced Flood Protection Electrical Valve. Then you have come to the right place. This valve is called the Water Honcho. This is the new valve that has only just been released and is known as the Water Honcho and is believed to hit [...]

Small water heating systems Small water heating systems offer instant point of use of water heating. There are two types of Small Water Heaters. These are the above sink heaters option and the below sink heaters. You can also get the inline water sink option. Over sink small water heating systems have their own integrated [...]

Lead pipe regulations?

October 25, 2012 | 1 Comment

What are the lead pipe regulations for minor work? What are the lead pipe regulations and is it against the law to fix the Lead Pipe. I had got a phone call from a customer asking for an Emergency Plumber Sheffield saying he had drilled through a lead pipe. First thing I said to the [...]

Domestic water sprinkler systems Domestic water sprinkler systems are used to protect your property against fire. Domestic and residential water sprinkler systems can be fitted to new and existing properties. Most rooms require 1 or 2 water sprinkler heads to afford complete protection. All water sprinkler heads are individually heat-activated and connected to a network [...]

Boosted water supplies Boosted water supplies are made up of a cold water storage tank. This tank supplies a set of electronically controlled pumps. The water from the pump rises up through a large riser pipe and then into the building. Smaller pipes that off-shoot from the riser pipe provide water for each floor. The [...]

Float Valves In Toilets Float valves are used in Toilets to refill them after you have flushed. These can stop working due to the deterioration of rubber seals or gaskets due to Hard Water. There are two different types of float valves for toilets. These are ball floats and float on fill valves. If your [...]

Un-vented and Vented Water Cylinders You will need a Water Cylinder as part of your heating system. There are different types of Un-vented and vented Water Cylinders. Each type of system will have different features. You may wish to consider these before you decide which one you would like to have installed. Un-vented water cylinders [...]

Water Softeners

October 4, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Water Softeners for Hard Water If you have Hard Water, you may consider using a water softeners. Here is some information on how they work and how they affect your water. Some water softeners are electronic devices which use low frequency radio waves to prevent the build up of lime scale by making the impurities [...]

Hard Water

October 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

Hard water Hard water is that which has passed through or over chalk and limestone. It dissolves the minerals that it comes into contact with causing the water to produce a scum on its surface. It is difficult for hard water to lather up and costs people more in soap and detergent. Hard water in [...]

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