Experienced Gas Engineer tell us of their experience in becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Becoming a Plumber sounds the easy option, but when becoming a Gas Engineer most people can find this a daunting task.  We decided to interview 5 Gas Engineers and ask them about their experience in becoming a Gas Engineer. In turn this should help anyone wanting to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Gas Safe Plumbers have there say

Our first Gas Engineer is Lee Cambell an Emergency Plumber in Wigan. Twitter name @LPSleeplumbing

Here is what Lee had to say, “I worked with a company called Rothlow which employed over 200 Plumbing Engineers.  I worked with this company for over 9 years.  In the 9 years I worked with Rothlow I did 2 years working with Gas.  This gave me the experience i needed to complete a Intensive Gas course and after 3 weeks i took the Gas Safe exam.  Every 5 years my Gas Safe expires and has to be renewed before i can continue working as a Gas Engineer.

Our second interview was with James Coburn a Gas Engineer in Liverpool. Twitter name @jwcproperty

Here is what James had to say, “I worked with a Gas Engineer for 18 months to gain experience of working with Gas.  I then decided I wanted to qualify in becoming a Gas Engineer without any Plumbing qualifications.   So I phoned around plenty of colleges to find out the best way.   I then enrolled on a part time course.  As well as college,  I became self employed and in doing so I was able to get a princess trust help of £750.00 and also help from Fresh Start in which I got 650.00.

This gave me the financial security i needed to start my own business.  I was very eager to find work and came across Martin Smith and his National Plumbing Network running an Emergency Plumbing Business of which I get plenty of work from to this day.

The day finally arrived where I was fully qualified in Gas Safe.  I now run a very successful business in Emergency Plumbing Jobs and replacing Gas Operated Boilers.”

Our third interview was with Stuart Jamieson an Emergency Plumber Stockport.

Here is what Stuart had to say, “I first came out of school taking up a 5 year apprenticeship  in Domestic and Commercial work mostly in the Industrial sector.   I did 1 day a week Plumbing at college doing my level 2 & 3 which was over 4 years, this included working on Gas.  I then started work as a senior for some time.  I decided to go self employed in LPG, Domestic and Commercial Gas which costs me £2500 to update.  I am now looking to take on Mobile Catering which is fairly new in the industry, and due to this I have to re-sit.”

Our fourth interview was with Joe Dawkins an Gas Engineer London.

Here is what Joe had to say, “I started working in the Heating and Ventilation sector with my father as soon as i left school.  I then decided I wanted to further my education and got a job with  British Gas.  I worked for them for 3 years.  During this time I also went to college 2 days a week on a fast track course which took 8 months to complete.  I was then a Qualified Gas Engineer.  Due to financial reasons being self employed suited me best.”

Our fifth interview was with James Robinson a Gas Engineer in Bristol.

Here is what James had to say.  “I left school and took up a 4 year apprentership with a company in which I was with for 8 years.   The first 4 years I did my NVQ 1, 2 and 3.   This included my Gas.   Then I went to work for another company for 2 years before I went self employed.

I want to be a Gas Engineer but don’t know what I need to do

So what we get out of these interviews is that in most circumstances you need to be working with a Gas Engineer to get some experience before you manage to apply for college whether you have plumbing qualifications or not.

Once you have experience with a Gas Engineer then we would then advise you to look for a college which would accept  you.  You may do 1 or 2 days a week or even fast track 5 days a week to get you qualified before you apply for a registration if you decide to go self employed.

Please visit the forum if you have any further information that you feel will benefit people wishing to pursue a career in Gas Safe.


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