Hot Water Storage

September 25, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Hot Water Storage Hot Water Storage can be stored in vessels made of galvanised steel, copper, or stainless steel. They are cylindrical in shape so that they can cope with the internal pressure. Copper has traditionally been used for domestic hot water storage because it is resistant against corrosion. If it is a part of [...]

Direct and Indirect Cold Water Systems There are two systems used for the supply of cold water within a property. These are direct and indirect cold water systems. Direct systems source water straight from the mains water supply. They require smaller storage cisterns and less pipe work than indirect systems. They are also cheaper to [...]

Landlord Gas Safety Check   There been allot about Landlord Gas Safety Check lately, Following on from the recent plumbing news story concerning an illegal Gas Engineer in Rochdale putting lives in danger, it is even more important for people to have a Landlord gas safety check once a year. It is especially crucial for [...]

Water Contamination

September 14, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Water Contamination Contaminated water is unsafe and can be a health risk. If your water becomes contaminated there are some things you can do.  Water can become contaminated when it back flows, this can be caused by inadequate cylinder. Water can also become contaminated when the plumbing is not done correctly. Every so often it [...]

Why do we have water meters and why do we waste water? Water wastage, most of us waste water, because there’s no structure to us in the way we use water. Why should we have water meters when water should be free? Just imagine there are no water meters. More people would be using more [...]

Experienced Gas Engineer tell us of their experience in becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer Becoming a Plumber sounds the easy option, but when becoming a Gas Engineer most people can find this a daunting task.  We decided to interview 5 Gas Engineers and ask them about their experience in becoming a Gas Engineer. In [...]

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