What are the regulations for my mains cold water supply? When I left College with my NVQ level 2, I never knew the plumbing regulations fully, but neither did anyone else with a class of 10+. My father had about 30 plumbing engineers working for him at the time, I was 18 and had my [...]

Future central heating from your Phone. When? What if the future of central heating and plumbing was to be used by your phone, maybe iPhone for example, they could call it the iHeating package, standing for Intelligent Central Heating. We have now got the technology in the Auto Stop Valve, We have now also got [...]

The Best Auto Stop Valve Ever Fed up of worrying well out at work, worried about coming home to a flood or the repeat of 2010 when we had an early Winter. Well it is time to stop worrying and do something about it, so please watch this video. It is a known fact that we [...]

Have you ever sat on the Toilet and thought, who Invented this amazing thing? Most people think it was Thomas Crapper, but it wasn’t. Thomas Crapper was the founder of Thomas Crapper & Co in London the first company to sell the Bath, Basin and Toilet, The Old British Bathroom. So who did first Invent [...]

Getting ready for winter when it comes to maintaining your Boiler One of the biggest mistakes people make in the Boiler break down rush is that you book for your boiler to be serviced in September, when most breakdowns tend to happen in October. We advise that you check your Boiler at least once a [...]

I have water scale how do i remove this? About the rain water and how we come to getting Water Scale This can be quite a common problem, especially if your water comes from a place where there’s Limestone, Chalk and Salt.   First things first, There’s the rainwater falling from the sky and on [...]

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