Water Expansion

July 31, 2012 | 1 Comment

Water Expansion – Ice water vs steam and how do they expand? There’s a lot of questions about water expansion such as: “Why do my water pipes expand and split when turning to ice?” “What causes a Hot Water Cylinder to explode if fitted incorrectly?” The answer to this is just below and also shown in [...]

Ball Valves, Ball Cock, Float Operating valve “what ever there called“ I’ve heard all sorts of names for these water valves for example, Ball Valves and Ball Cocks, but the correct name for these are Float Operating Valves. In my experience as a Plumber, there only use to be about four types of Ball Cocks [...]

Hi and welcome to July’s Latest Plumbing Article,s where we give you a brief of what has been going on, We have apologise for the lack off Plumbing news this month but the fact is, we have had allot of site work to do and a honeymoon to attend to. So We have decided to [...]

About Old Taps vs New Taps which includes how to fix a leaking tap To some fixing a tap seems Impossible but to others can be very easy as long as you have correct Plumbing tools. First of all what you need to do is undo the main valve nut that screws down on to the tap. Some people [...]

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