There are always lots to say when it comes to Plumbing, some say its easy money, some Plumbers struggle to make a living,  some say they can do a Plumbers job, and some Plumbers cannot do a Plumbing job properly.
Well just to introduce myself, my name is Martin Smith the owner of this site and I like to think of myself as experienced enough to tackle any Plumbing job that im presented with.   The question I get asked a lot is, “Is Plumbing complicated“. The answer to this is “Yes“.

If your an experienced Plumber, say 20+ years of experience then most Plumbing is easy, just like taking a walk in the mountains, sometimes its a smooth walk and other times there’s rocks in the way, then you have to figure out how to pass through.

There’s always something new on the market that a Plumber is not qualified for but by learning, the Plumber will gain more experience.

Maybe if your not a Plumber and your tap washer has gone, yes this is an easy job for most, but look at it this way, you change the washer and it still leaks water, you dont have the experience why and so many Plumber don’t even know.  What I am saying is that sometimes the easy jobs are not easy and requires some special tools.

Plumbing Engineer

Plumbing Engineer

I (Martin Smith) have been a Qualified Plumber for over 16 years now and have put in plenty of dedication into the Plumbing Industry whether it’s fitting a Complete Bathroom or on an Emergency Plumbing Job.   I have seen a lot and I am always learning new things.

What do we need to expect when becoming a Plumber? Once you have qualified as a Plumber, you will need to be in a controlled environment and not being disturbed due to the complication of the Plumbing Industry.  The types of job you will be getting involved in are listed below, (starting from the most simple jobs to the most complicated).

  • Stopping your Stop Tap from leaking
  • Getting an airlock out of a Hot Water Pipe
  • Fitting an Outside Tap
  • Replacing a Toilet
  • Replacing a complete Bathroom Suite
  • Fitting a Central Heating System
  • Working out flow rate, size of hot water tank to regulations
  • Fitting a pumped system where there is not much water pressure
  • Plumbing in a complete system in a block of Flats, Hotels, Commercial Premises

There is not only this to take into consideration,  but there is the drainage work for example:

  • Unblocking a toilet
  • Unblocking your drains
  • Replacing drains and fitting soil pipes and keeping in with the Building Regulations

Being able to study something that is new on the market and making sure the appliance is fitted to regulations.   Can you have the energy to attend an Emergency in the middle of the night when a customer has got water pouring through their ceiling?

We find becoming a Plumber can be very interesting especially when it comes to Emergencies.

What you need to think about here is, is it easier to be an Electrician, Joiner, Painter or a Builder or should you take the chance to become a Plumber?

Do you need the stress of being reliable for if something goes wrong in your customers house, knowing you may not get paid for the work you have already done?

Believe me, when you are at college or taking an apprenticeship, they don’t teach you everything.

I’m not trying to put you off but to give you some serious thought that this is the job for you, I personally will choose Plumbing because I have always liked a good challenge in life an think you should too.



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  1. Plumbers Olney on June 19, 2012 7:31 am

    This information is very helpful to all of those who are facing lot of problems from their plumbing system. It is right opinion always required to call experienced and qualified plumbers.

  2. tomo on June 19, 2012 2:07 pm

    Wow, 16 years of experience.
    Maybe you can share some insights about plumber home tips and other related plumber tips at home.

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