Went to an Emergency Plumbing Job Last night where a customer had water pouring out of the Basin Mixer Tap, so I went in search of the mains water Stop Valve to find what some people may call Spooky Showers, this is what I call very old looking shower. These type of Shower use to be around about [...]

Emergency Plumber Wilmslow, I got a Emergency Job in Wilmslow where I had to bleed all the radiators, The customer also ask, why is my Boiler Pressure going up all the time? So i went into the Garage to take a look and guess what I saw. Dooh, I guess the picture gives it away. If your not sure then [...]

Welcome to my Plumbing Monthly where i will give you a quick update of where we are at and going with our site. I have recently started Plumbing Reviews which will help our Plumber Of The Month Project, this will go towards judging who gets the Plumber of the Year. The latest Plumber Of The [...]

Emergency Burst Pipe, Can I claim for wear and tear? Can I claim for wear & tear on an Emergency Burst Pipe? The answer to this is yes and no, below we will give you a more detailed reason to, how, Why and if it’s a good idea to claim from your Insurance Company. In [...]

Old British Bathrooms Don’t we just love the Old British Bathrooms?  Does anyone need a reminder of what a bathroom use to look like?  Or do I have to start getting my camera out again? Here a quick reminder of a typical old fashioned type of bathroom. So you like the picture above?  Well out and about [...]

This is British Plumbing The British Plumbing which was inspired by my latest friend over in Texas who is a Master Plumber. My thought of the day is, “should we be thinking about Plumbing outside of Great Britain?”  The answer to this is, “I think it’s a good idea.” So here is our long journey [...]

I (Martin Smith) have just recently been asked,  “How to loosen a Stop Valve?”   So this is the reason I am writing on how to loosen the Stop Valve. In most cases it is much easier to just buy a new Stop Valve and replace it, but as a money saving tip,  if you have time [...]

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