Just been out to an Plumbing Emergency in Tarporley, the owners to the house were on holiday to find out that the whole house is getting flooded, luckily the house was being looked after by a Mr/Mrs Eaton who attended the house to find out there was a lot of damage and lots of water, [...]

Very busy day in the Manchester area for Plumbing issues, Just got back on an Emergency where a customer had a water leak on his pump so he decided to find a Plumber by search Emergency Plumber in Manchester Unfortunate for me the central heating had 20 radiators to drain down which took about 2 hours [...]

Frozen Pipes 2012

February 3, 2012 | Leave a Comment

What a cold day it’s been today as temperatures plummeted to a minus 9.6.  As I travelled to Derbyshire I measured the temperature to minus 6 which was the reason the Plumbing Job i was on my way to was due to a burst pipe as pictured above.  This type of Plumbing Emergency is very commen when it [...]

Got a phone call at 1:30am this Morning by a man panicking because there was water pouring through his ceiling which took him over a couple of hours trying to locate a Plumber but could not find one, Adventually the customer search the key word Emergency Plumber Manchester and found Martin Smith was available, within 10 [...]

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