24-Hour Emergency Plumber in Manchester UK

24 Hour Emergency Plumber Manchester
When searching for an emergency plumber in Manchester it is always good to look in the local book but if your require one in an emergency and not 24 hours later then it is always great to go online. Our emergency plumbers Manchester cover a wide range of emergency plumbing jobs in Manchester such as leaky pipes and burst water mains. Read more

The Easy Gas Safe Certificate App

Gas Safe Certificate App
Require a Gas Safe Certificate App then never before has it been so easy but also the first of it’s kind. The Easy Safety Cert allows registered gas engineers to complete, send and store Gas Safety inspections using a mobile app and online database.  The easy to use Gas Safety certification software is designed to save engineers time and money. Read more

How to stop a leaking radiator by Joe an Emergency Plumber London

How to stop leaking radiator
Tips about how to stop leaking radiator by Joe an emergency plumber London. Joe explains ways to identify and fix leaking radiator within the home.

Before you can stop a radiator leaking, you must firstly find the area of the radiator that is leaking. Joe mentions that due to the amount of experience that he has experienced over many years at fixing leaking radiators as an emergency plumber London, it is very important to remove the water with a dry cloth to identify where the water is slowly coming from. Experience and common knowledge says this can be a number of things for an emergency plumber in London. Read more

How to get the best out of my central heating system by John an emergency plumber London

How to get the best out of my central heating system
John an emergency plumber London explains how to get the best out of the central heating system starting with the DIY, then to saving money and maximizing use. London is generally warmer than the average home in the UK so there is more likely that an average occupier may not require an emergency plumber. Getting the best of your central heating is not all about keeping the use down but making sure your central heating is working at an optimal level. What John the emergency plumber London is going to explain, is all about how to achieve the best out of the central heating system without the need of a plumber or a gas engineer. Read more

Is British Gas a good idea for monthly direct debit payments, by John an emergency plumber in London

Is British Gas A Good Idea For Monthly Direct Debit PaymentsAn Emergency Plumber London explains his thoughts on the question in mind, “Is British Gas a good idea for monthly direct debit payments”.  John explains that it is well known through out London that he has experienced plenty of questions ask by customers. These questions are about the cost of British Gas and whether it is a good idea for monthly payments. A customer brought up a question the other day about a plumbing situation where there was a Gas leak but British Gas refused to attend the job explaining that it was not under the Guarantee. So the first thoughts of the customer was “Why am I paying British Gas a monthly fee, but also having to pay a private Gas Engineer to fix the leak from my Gas fire“.

John believes the debate about British gas has been a debate for some time, so here are some good point and some bad point about paying monthly fee’s to British Gas. Read more

Soil Pipe Stack

March 2, 2013 | 4 Comments

What is a soil pipe Stack?

A soil pipe stack is the collection pipe and vent for the above ground drains. The soil pipe connects the above ground drainage to the mains drainage below ground. These pipes usually in older homes are external and run down the wall. Normally in newer properties the stack is internal, which is normally boxed in or included within the internal walls.

Soil Pipe Stack

What does a Soil Pipe Stack look like?

Read more

Auto Air Vent Valve

February 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

How does having an auto air vent valve help me from getting airlocks in my central heating?

What is an auto air vent valve?

An auto air vent valve is a Float Operated Valve which is used to removes air in water pipes.

auto air vent valve

Auto air vent valve

How does an auto air vent valve work?

An auto air vent valve releases trapped pockets of air in your pipe work automatically so that airlocks are much less likely to occur. When the valve is open the float is hanging down and air can vent out of the Central Heating System. When Water enters the valve the float rises and closes the vent hole. Air will then accumulate in the pipe work and causes the float to drop down. This opens the valve and allows the air to vent. Read more

Condensing Boiler

February 16, 2013 | Leave a Comment

What is a Condensing Boiler?

A Condensing Boiler, is the new generation of the Combination Boiler. It is also known as a High Efficiency Boiler. As technology has advanced, so has the design of the Combination Boiler. Evolving to the condensing boiler. This boiler is much more efficient than the original combination unit. This is due to the recycling effects of the new condensing boiler. When the condensing boiler was brought to the market it was around 75% efficient. As the manufactures strive to improve them, the current units are now up to 90% plus efficient Making them such a cost effective and space saving heating solution.

Condensing Boiler

Condensing Boiler

Read more

Best Manual Easyfit Isolator Tap Ever and it’s new

  1. What is the best manual Easyfit isolator stop valve in todays market?
  2. Where can i buy a manual Easyfit isolator stopcock?
  3. Alladin Easyfit Isolator versus the standard stop tap
  4. What size does the Easyfit Isolator come in?
  5. Is there anything similar to the Easyfit Isolator?
  6. What is the Guarantee on the Easyfit Isolator?
  7. Where can i find a video for the easy fit isolator?
Easy Fit Isolator

EasyFit Isolator Valve (Manual Stop Valve)

Information on the Best Manual Isolator Valve

Well searching around for the best stop valve that is made to this day we came across the Easyfit Isolator. For an emergency plumber is this there new best friend? Read more

Central Heating Programmer – all the Information you need

central heating programmer

central heating programmer

What is a Central Heating Programmer?

A Central heating programmer is a time switch device which allows you to manually turn the hot water on and off. It also allows you to set times for the boiler to come on and go off automatically. By having a central heating program you can decide whether you want your heating on constant or whether you would like to set it to come on for you at specific intervals. Read more

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